Round Table is about supporting our community through the hard work of a great bunch of guys


Founded in 1927, Round Tables meet all over Great Britain and Ireland to organise amazing events from the beer festivals, Firework events and Santa Sleighs, Stretcher races to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


Over the past 51 years The Beaconsfield Round Table has organised the local fireworks display to raise money for local charities and individuals making an enormous difference to hundreds of lives.  


In 2016 we changed home for the fireworks display in order to continue to raise money for the community.  We found a terrific partner, The Beaconsfield Rugby Club, who truly understood our mission in supporting the community and our vision of trying something new.  


In 2017, we continued to try new things and will introduce the first ever double display in Beaconsfield. We recognise that young families often miss out on the Fireworks due to a later start, but this year is different with a display at 6pm for the younger kids and another display at 7.30pm for the older ones.


In 2018, we celebrated 50 years of running Beaconsfield Fireworks and this year are doing things a little different with a display at 7:15pm.

In 2019 we are welcoming a full live band, Full Frequency, as well as a display put on by the British Musical Fireworks Champion of Champions, we very much hope you can join us!


Tickets are limited this year so it’s best to buy now whilst available and we thank you in advance for your support, it truly does make a difference to many lives.


See you on Saturday 2nd November.


Alex Stephenson 

Chairman, Beaconsfield Round Table

Beaconsfield Round Table

Round_Table_(club_logo)Beaconsfield Fireworks is run by Beaconsfield Round Table. Registered Charity No. 1053214



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